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Creative Development

We have developed Story Planner Tools based on author comments that tools integrated into Microsoft Word would be most helpful. As an Add-in, the features of Story Planner Tools show up in a Word tool bar in Word 2002 and 2003 and as a new ribbon in Word 2007 and 2010. While developed for authors, any writer may use the parsing tool to improve their works. For an indepth description of Story Planner Tools, check out the documentation.

New as of August 2018:

  • Synonyms--The Synonym/Antonym function now extracts all the synonyms and antonyms from and displays them in a form.
  • Mental Disorders - A description of a set of mental disorders has been included to be used when the author may want to have a character display certain characteristics. These are come from definitions on sites like the Mayo Clinic. They are displayed in a dropdown list.
  • Fixed a problem where the file was not closed properly.

Here's an overview of what Story Planner Tools provides:
  • Writing is emotion. Samples of showing emotion are but two clicks away. two clicks away.
  • Emotions of secondary characters are shown through body language. As with Emotions, Body Language examples are two clicks away.
  • Eight character archetypes are described to help the author layout the story.
  • To be realistic, a character with certain aberrant behavior should conform to known mental disorders. A list of these is also only two clicks away.
  • From story and plot, to passion and conflict, the necessary elements of any creative literary work are described.
  • The Parse form provides a range of tools that look for common syntax and grammar issues. The author can even define his/her own analysis buttons. 
  • Choose from a variety of story structure Word templates (Mythic, Rollercoaster, and 3 Act) upon which to build your story.
  • Download Story Planner Tools Word Addin for free and purchase for $25 only after you are convinced you want it.
  • Footnote and Endnote support is available.
Why be strapped to multiple writing tools when one will do. If you use Microsoft Word, Story Planner Tools will become an intuitive tool in your writing. 

Use Story Planner Tools  to take you through the process of developing your novel...and do it in Word. 

We're so sure you will find Story Planner Tools to be an essential tool in your creative process that we offer you the free download. Purchase it when you are convinced it is a tool you want in your writer's tool chest.

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